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In 2000, NTM starting with being in service for issues such as infrastructure, maintenance and operation of GSM sector; has serviced as area solution partnerships in quality and customer oriented to its customers. As NTM adopting the principle of following technological innovations and investing in people, has signed solution partnerships contracts firstly TURKCELL İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. in 2000, ERICSSON Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. in 2001, KULE Hizmetleri and İşletmecilik A.Ş. (GLOBALTOWER) in 2006, and HUAWEI Telekomünikasyon Ltd. Şti. in 2007. NTM has started its works with GSM infrastructure services, NTM has started to make survey, montage, operation, malfunction, FTTx, and Backbone works of SUPERONLINE Fiber Optic systems by signing a contract with TELLCOM İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. in 2008.

NTM will be a leading and promising company in the sector in future as today by improving its institutional structure, personnel, and experiences in the line of technology through the necessities of communication sectors.

NTM, in the area of responsibility as of 2017, 23 provinces, 3 main offices (Ankara, Samsun, Trabzon) and our other 20 sub-offices and warehouses in the province; Business, Installation, Maintenance, Inspection & Acceptance serves on Measurement and Evaluation field.

NTM Working Regions


Being referenced of service providing that is interests customer and employee satisfaction, technology and quality-oriented.


Being technology company that offers international standards of service and creative solutions to leading organizations.

  • Technology and Quality-oriented,
  • Have knowledge and expertise,
  • Creating added value,
  • Interests customer and employee satisfaction,
  • Willing to development and innovation,
  • Productivity-based working,
  • Emphasis on team work
NTM accepting the quality oriented service manner as a principle; entitled to ISO 9001:2000 in 2005, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 in 2010. Our improvement and development activities related to quality are going on.

NTM as Electrical Electronics promises;

Our Quality Policy:
  • Upgrading the customer satisfaction to the best level,
  • Using latest technology for services,
  • Servicing in the shortest time with minimum faults,
  • Trying to improve given services permanently,
  • Providing the participation of all units to Production and services,
  • Using in the best way the human resources by providing training of the employees,

Our Environment Policy:
  • Taking cautions to reduce the environmental negative effects to minimum which are caused by all our activities,
  • Providing increasing personal responsibility and contributions of our employees by composing environment consciousness,
  • Not polluting the environment in which we work, protecting natural resources, to reduce the use of resources to minimum, and taking cautions for using less energy,
  • Adopting environmental standards, the laws, regulations, and bylaws of telecommunication sector,

Our Policy of Occupational Health and Safety (İSİG):
  • Protecting in workplace health and safety of our employees whom we see as our best resources.
  • Providing safety of machines, equipment and facilities used in our works and operational safety of services and activities.
  • Increasing productivity,
  • Reducing potential work accident to minimum,
  • In İSİG issues, composing a good communication way with administration, suppliers, subcontractors, and customers.
  • Complying with all laws and regulations to provide services for our customers' projects.
  • Contributing responsibility mentality and taking placing in this system of our employees by arranging training programs.
  • By determining new aim and purposes every year, providing permanently improvement of our İSİG system and being one of prior institutions in İSİG issues of Telecommunication sector.
  • Complying with İSİG standards, the laws, regulation and bylaws related to telecommunication sector.

Our Policy For Customer Satisfaction:
  • To accommodate with the customers’, employee’s and the others’ circumstances,
  • To conclude and deal with the complaints in an effective way,

The aim of this policy; is to manage and protect the information assets properly which NTM units put into service


NTM, Information Security Management System includes the whole agency. The importance of the application of this policy is to connote and prolong the coherence of the connections between the units which are put into service.

The Policy of NTM


  • Is protected from the unlicensed access.
  • Privacy is secured.
  • Is not given to the unauthorised people by accident or on purpose.
  • Accuracy is provided against the unauthorised people via the security system.
  • Is kept ready for access of the authorised users when it is needed.
  • Terms of legislation and enforcement are fulfilled.
  • All the procedures are administered by all the units.
  • Information Security Education is given to the whole staff.
  • All the vulnerabilities are reported to the unit responsible and the precautions are taken.
  • The vulnerabilities which are not resolved are organised by security responsible

IDs, customer information, software packages and servers are under protected.


Information Security Management System, all the NTM employees that has any relations with the information are responsible with the application of this policy and they has the support of the administration which confirms this policy

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