Business Initiative Directions International Gold Star Award for Total Quality
International Quality Summit ordinance with the QC 100 Total Quality Management Model criteria , based on the company NTM ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC International Quality Summit by the Committee in New York will be given Gold Category of International Quality Summit prize to receive is selected. Quality culture to spread and sustainable growth in the specialized international organization Business Initiative Directions ( BID) in Paris, London, Madrid , Geneva, Frankfurt and New York and many other symbol cities , 118 countries, companies and organizations bringing meetings and conferences have been organized , experts and academics evaluations are made . As a result of the evaluation and voting, NTM ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS prize being awarded the Gold Category in Total Quality Management Process has achieved a great success . In New York , The Award Ceremony held on Monday 26 May 2014 ,have participated to receive our reward.
Respect for Human ;
Of applicants every year since 2008, our company diligently answered "Respect for People Award" was awarded. We show in our recruitment process with high performance by to regulate the 10th "Respect for Human Award" winner took place between the companies. The significiance given to employee satisfaction as of the recruitment process, our company activities in order to improve employee satisfaction at the highest level will continue to pursue.

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