NTM with consciousness of human investment as the most valuable capital, NTM has the principle to give the best trainings for the latest technology which is corresponding to the company's mission and vision. At the same time, our company has noticed that personnel’s productivity and satisfaction is related directly to a peaceful and safe work environment with social activities, therefore work motivation is increased to upper levels by providing such opportunities.

As human resources;

  • to give equality of opportunity to our employees,
  • to be accessible to our personnel as management,
  • to make our personnel's career planning,
  • to provide training opportunities for improving our workers' occupational and personal abilities,
  • to provide upgrade and publish our documents,
  • Our aim is to work with principles and quality standards for increasing our success.

Our company is a member of Peryön in 2011.


Our Principles:
  • Technology and quality oriented
  • Having expertise
  • Creating added value
  • Taking care of customers and workers satisfaction
  • to be open to development and innovation
  • to work with productivity oriented
  • to give importance team work

New employees working with us will participate in an orientation process. This orientation process, our managers inform new workers about our company by telling the processes related their departments. Then, new worker starting in the related department keeps on orientation process by participating field works. Finally, field orientation process will be ended by the result of crew leader and department manager's observation and evaluations.

LMI Program:
We aim to outstanding company performance by providing our managers and candidate managers with LMI program of which scope is leadership, management and productivity development, as a result by investing personal developments.

For the year 2012, our company, "Academic Year" will be. In this context, the weight given to vocational training and technical and professional field of competence of each month a specific training will be held.

Performance evaluation:
We realize the importance of performance evolution system in order to increase performance of workers and also our company. Our aim is to create a winner team comprising workers and managers focusing on aim and results.

Employee Satisfaction Survey:
Human value is related to investment for human. Workers' satisfaction and liability to NTM is so important for us. For this reason, we prepare annually action plans according to results of employee satisfaction survey measured our workers' satisfaction and motivation made by our NTM Human Resources every year.

Respect for Human;
Our firm that has been replying every application carefully since 2008 was entitled for “Award of Respect for Human”. With our high quality performance during the hiring process, we are among the other firms which have the “Award of Respect for Human” which Kariyer.net had organised the 10th. Our firm that shows the importance of employee satisfaction during the hiring process stage will continue its studies in order to raise the employee satisfaction at the last level.
NTM in Media;

Social Activities:
Some social activities are arranged in particular times by "NTM Activity Team". Some of them are soccer, bowling, ping pong tournaments, company dinner organizations.

Work Environment:
Meeting and seminar rooms, our resting hall and working places designed as for modern work life perception provides our employees opportunities as to increase their motivation and work more productively.

Job applications to NTM are made on Kariyer.net. All applications are registered to NTM candidate data bank. According to work power planning, candidate determination process will be started through required positions.

Job Interview:
First interviews wit candidates are made by Human Resources management. Analyses related to candidates' competences and conveniences are made. Thus, second interviews are made by our related department managers. During department managers’ interview, candidate occupational and technical information are evaluated.

Hiring Process:
Reference investigation of the candidates evaluated and then accepted as positive by Human resources Management and our department managers are done. Candidates found be available will be called for the third interview in order to make job proposal.

The candidates applied to job interview and evaluated and then accepted as negative are informed about the process. Their applications are kept in candidate pool for evaluating other positions.

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For internship applications please send email to: ntm.egitimbirimi@ntm.com.tr

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